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It happens quickly and without warning. Sudden Cardiac Arrest can affect anyone including healthy adults and children. Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not discriminate, it affects men and women, old and young, athletic or not. It cannot be prevented. There is no vaccine. Most do not survive. Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills more Americans then colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, auto accidents, AIDS, firearms, and house fires combined. Unfortunately, most of the time, the necessary life-saving shock from an automated external defibrillation does not arrive in time. As a result, typical survival rates currently are only 2% - 5%.

Realizing that if someone is to survive a Sudden Cardiac Arrest two things must happen quickly, CPR must be started and rapid defibrillation.

Emergency defibrillation and CPR should be done as soon as possible. Without immediate medical attention, death occurs within a few minutes. For each minute that passes while waiting for the use of an AED the victim’s chance of survival goes down 10% per minute.

The average national response time for “Emergency Rescue” is 7 to 9 minutes in an metropolitan area. If 9-1-1 rescuers arrive at the location in 5 minutes, by the time they get their equipment, get in your building, get to the victim, and analyze the situation it will be several more minutes before the first Life Saving Shock is delivered.

According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest strikes 420,000 people out of the hospital every year in the Unites States, 60% of all SCAs are witnessed however less than 10% survive.

In order to increase the chance for survival you need to have people on hand to start CPR so oxygenated blood can get to the brain and have an AED onsite that can be accessed quickly to use on the victim.

Brain cells are extremely sensitive to a lack of oxygen, irreversible damage occurs within a few minutes and brain death within 10 minutes. This is why it is so critical that someone starts CPR immediately to buy time until the AED arrives and can be used.

Businesses not only provide services to countless customers, but also have to care for their employees. Given the number of people present and the considerable amount of time and activity spent at work, the risk of someone suffering cardiac arrest at your facility is very real. Durable, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use, AEDs are perfectly suited for the unique needs of the business environment.

Emergency Rescue is a great back up system but it just takes too long for them to arrive on scene. It’s time that you take matters into your on hands as your survival might just depend on it.

The bottom line is that with a modest investment, now you too can save a life.

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